Mobile Workforce management by DRVR

With the outbreak of COVID-19, more and more companies started to emphasize on working from home or remote working. However, organizing and monitoring the work of mobile and remote staff is not easy, performance tracking became harder, and communications became slower and difficult to manage. Due to the various reasons mentioned above, our oversea startup from Thailand, DRVR, came up with new workforce management.

The leading team dispatch jobs and monitor locations online, which means sending tasks, routes, and files directly to the employee’s smartphone, checking the whereabouts in real-time, at the end of the shift, or playback any trip in the past. Also with their mobile platform, making it easier to check the employees’ performance online by sharing pictures and activities. They limited all the in-person contact and made most of the work digital to protect their customers and staff.

For field workers, they can share their progress with the office easily, enjoy a paperless approach, show working status, and chat with team members. There’s even an SOS button when needed. As for supervisors, they can track the teams and office assets and access field performance. 

Remote working has become a trend and thanks to DRVR’s management, people can work safely and more efficiently.

About DRVR

DRVR Focus on Fleet Management to connect vehicle to help customers save fuel & running costs through AI & Big Data- ML, AI, Streaming Data Analysis, RT Data processing, Automitve & IOT tech.
Industry: Automobile / IoT
Founded Date: April 2015
Medium: @drvrapp

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Jay Hsueh


  • 豐利管顧股份有限公司特助投資經理
  • 奧樂科技行銷顧問


  • 澳洲昆士蘭大學商學研究所碩士
  • 台北大學應用外語系學士


  • 2013/08-2014/12順聯國際有限公司創辦人/執行長
  • 2012/07-2012/12 UniQuest 投資專員


  • 1. 創業管理/新創事業發展與管理/新創事業策略管理
  • 2. 財務規劃與分析
  • 3. 產業分析與市場研究

於澳洲留學期間專注於創新與創業學程,並獲得澳洲UniQuest 邀請成為投資計畫專案研究員,於澳洲參與新創事業投資評估以及輔導。2014 年協助奧樂科技行銷並獲得亞太資訊奧斯卡(APICTA)優勝。專長在於科學研究成果商業化、國際行銷、創新與研發管理,並具有創業以及輔導育成經歷。